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Stony Brook Scientific Ltd. viscometers are helping measure today's most challenging viscosities and fluid properties.

Accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements of viscosities and other fluid properties are essential in product R&D and quality control.
Stony Brook Scientific Ltd. Falling Needle Viscometer can measure viscosity and other fluid properties of adhesives, aerosols, automobile fluids, blood, biomaterials, coal slurries, coatings, colloids, cosmetics, creams, dairy products, detergents, dispersions, emulsions, fertilizers, foams, fuels, gels, grease, honey, inks, ketchup, latex, lubricants, mayonnaise, milk, oils, ointments, paints, petroleum, polymers, proteins, pulp, resins, shampoos, slurries, soaps, solutions, surfactants, suspensions, varnish and many more fluids.

Advantages of the Falling Needle Viscometer:

  • No calibration required (uses gravity)
  • Accurate (better than 1%)
  • Largest viscosity range (0.1 to 108 cP)
  • No moving parts except a needle
  • Disposable (no sample contamination)
  • Simple operation
  • Easy, accurate and multiple (9) sample temperature control
  • Extremely low shear rate (yield stress and zero shear rate viscosity measurements)
  • Simultaneous measurement of viscosity and density for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian power law fluids
  • Relative particle settling measurement
  • Relaxation time measurement (time interval effect)
  • Minimal disturbance of sample's mechanical structure and particle size distribution with gentle needle passage and undisturbed sample near the bottom tip of the needle

For help with your viscosity application, contact a Stony Brook Scientific representative today!

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